Posts Why is it that Europe seems to get all the Xbox Love????

Why is it that Europe seems to get all the Xbox Love????

OK, first, the wizard I just spoke about... it's for the UK/Ireland fans.  Why isn't it targeting the US?  Second, a notice just came in that announced that they are going to draw nine Xbox Live members, fly them and a friend to Seattle to tour Bungie and play Halo 2... guess what?  It looks like it only a UK event as well.   Grrr.... Why doesn't the US fans get some of the love?

You might be wondering why I ask... it's because this isn't the first time I've seen cool desktop products targeting other countries.  Now I want to know why... and don't give me any crap about it's all about marketing.  Just because we are already fanatics and buy the thing doesn't mean we shouldn't be catered to as well ;-)

[update] Apparently, Xbox is giving away 20 slots world wide.  Since 9 appear to be in Europe and only 5 in the US... I still think we're not getting enough Xbox Lovetm.  In any case, at least there's at least a slim to none chance we US residents can go (but it's still a chance). ;-)  You have to actually sign up to participate.  You can do so here.  (Doh!... should have been greedy and not let anyone know... now my chances just went completely downhill ;-) )


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