Posts Open Letter to the ClickOnce team.

Open Letter to the ClickOnce team.

I really like using ClickOnce; however, there are a couple of annoyances that I'd wish would get resolved.

1. Can we please get a "sync versions" checkbox somewhere?  Meaning, why do I have to change my version number in three different places?  I'm sure there are cases where this is desirable; however, I don't believe that it is the norm.  So here's my suggestion:  On the Assembly Information dialog, next to the Assembly version and File version entries add a "Automatically Syncronize with ClickOnce publish version" type checkbox.

2. Can we please... pretty please... just get a checkbox that says "Always require latest version." in the Application Updates dialog?  I like having the "Specify a minimum required version for this application" ability; however, I would like to ALWAYS require this.  As it is now, I have to change the Publish Version, click on the Updates button and change the version there as well.

I have other annoyances; however, I believe that the impact of getting them finished in time for VS2010 would be too much; so I'll leave it with these.  I don't think these would be major changes and wouldn't require a huge amount of testing to get implemented.

Thanks for your consideration.

Cory Smith

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