Oh yeah, by the way, I'm now an INETA speaker. ;-)

What does this really mean?  Well, if you'd like to get me to come out to your user group, all you need to do is put in a request to and they'll help with the travel/hotel expenses and even pay for the pizza!  So here's a chance that you and I can meet face to face, no matter where you live. :-D

For the record, I'm not a "big shot" "important" "super smart" "graduated at the top of my class" kind of guy; I'm just a regular guy who likes computers and code (preference with VB).  So if you're looking for a "lecture", I'm not that guy.  If you're looking for someone to spark conversation; that might be me.

Anyway, just wanted to share that there is an opportunity for you to "use and somewhat abuse" my willingness to visit and hang out with your user group; wherever that may be.  And, of course, give a HUGE thank you to the folks that operate (and all of their sponsors).

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss this further.

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