Posts Here's your chance to laugh your *ss off at me...

Here's your chance to laugh your *ss off at me...

The .NET Rocks road show was here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area a couple of days ago.  After the show, they did some interviews with the local crowd and I was hanging out with no real intention of being interviewed.  Of course, that didn't work out exactly that way and I did end up having to sit in front of the mic.  It ended up being about a 7 minute interview and was completely done impromptu... thus, I probably sound like a babbling idiot. ;-)

Obviously, I recommend listening to *ALL* of the .NET Rock shows from start to finish, but if you just want to have a laugh at me being a babbling idiot... my section begins at about 37min 15sec into the stream.

(One correction... The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex covers an area of nearly 75-80 miles... the distance between the two downtown areas is about 30 miles.  OK, another correction/update, has launched My Xbox... I'll follow up upon that when I get another moment in a separate post.)

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