Posts Geek Gathering - Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - 3

Geek Gathering - Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - 3

Last month, we didn't have near the turnout as the first month; however, those that attended had a blast!  Racing, air hockey, and a card game that I'd rather not mention due to potentially increasing my google rankings even further as a target for blog spam. ;-)  Being true to my word, someone suggested that we'd give GameWorks a go since they'd probably have more games targeting adults (meaning, more violence oriented :-D), so... 

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Where: Gameworks @ the bar - Grapevine (map)
When: Monday, June 27th - 7:00pm'ish till whenever

If your interested in attending, please leave a comment (as sort of an unofficial RSVP and to help others know who might be attending).  If you can't attend, but would like to attend one in the future (sometime in July - Mondays seems to be the day of choice), leave a comment accordingly.

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