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  • Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 2

    After running Vista x64 on another machine for a few days; installing various pieces of critical software and seeing that everything seemed to be working smoothly... I've made the full leap on my main desktop machine (the one that now has 4GB of memory). Some interesting "facts":Windows Experience Index reports my processor running ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on May 24, 2007
  • Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 1

    I installed Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) last night and everything went pretty smoothly.  This, of course, is on the second machine I have on my desk so I can see what works (and doesn't) before making the full jump on the main machine.  Out Of The Box Experience After the installation and major Windows Update updates, the only ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on May 15, 2007
  • Tulsa DNUG - Tonight

    I'll be at the Tulsa, OK users group this evening presenting on developing for Windows Vista using Visual Studio 2005... so if you're in the area, be sure to stop by and say "hi".
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on April 30, 2007
  • My.Vista

    Caleb has sort of let the cat out of the bag... Introducing My.Vista. There are over 7,000 new API's in Windows Vista.  Some of them are immediately obvious while others are deep beneath the surface.  I rather enjoy digging around in Windows API land, however, many people don't care to do this so this area is usually off limits ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on March 9, 2007
  • It's 2:12am and I'm done with a new VS2005 Macro hack

    I need to run it through it's paces, but I now have a VS2005 macro that will, whenever I successfully build a release mode project, package the project folder into a zip file named [ProjectName]_src_v[OutputAssemblyFileVersion].zip.  And it doesn't require anything additional to be installed on the machine.  And it's not ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on March 2, 2007
  • How NOT to do single assembly deployment.

    I applaud this guys enthusiasm, however, his discovery/technique is something I would strongly urge you to avoid.  There are two major reasons for this:Doesn't work as a "regular user".Will cause you MAJOR support issues as Windows Vista gains momentum.  See reason #1.I've been using a similar technique in ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on February 9, 2007
  • What would you do for a Visual Studio 2005 (Team System Suite) and MSDN license?

    What would you do to get your hands on a fully licensed copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005?  I got the little metal cards a while back and still have one that I can give to anyone I wish.  If I'm not mistaken, I pretty sure it's a license to a single developer seat for the Visual Studio Team System and a subscription ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on November 9, 2006
  • .NET Framework 3.0 Available Today!

    It appears that .NET 3.0 has officially been released today... all we need now is Windows Vista and a Visual Studio to go with it. ;-)  But, if you really want to dig into it today and start building applications utiling Windows Presentation/Communication/Workflow Foundation; here's your chance... so what are you waiting for... start ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on November 7, 2006
  • Visual Studio 2005 SP1 available this December

    Well it's official.  The VS2005 SP1 beta has ended and the release is set for sometime in December. The Beta Program closed on October 30, 2006. More than 10,000 users participated in this program and we have reviewed over 350 bugs and suggestions. This feedback is important to us and we will use it to improve the overall customer ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on November 5, 2006
  • ToolTip Voodoo Applied

    Obviously I've been pretty swamped with work and everything else... including working on XboxFriends.  Here is an image that demonstrates the ToolTip control that is included with Visual Studio 2005 utilizing the information in this article to display a snapshot of information that can add a lot of bang for the buck. Yes! That is a ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on June 25, 2006
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