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  • Transition Physical Machine To Virtual

    I'm writing more so as a reminder to myself... What I am trying to do is transition an older machine, one that is "semi-retired" but still contains some stuff that I need every once and a while for work purposes and I'd rather not muck up my new installation with these tools. So enter virtualization ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on June 27, 2014
  • Why?

    Why aren't there any decent audio libraries for .NET?  Don't get me wrong, it's nice that the framework supports some audio features in a very simple way if you want to just play something.  However, if you need access to the audio data to manipulate it in whatever way or just want to know the duration, play location, audio ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on January 16, 2011
  • Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 2

    After running Vista x64 on another machine for a few days; installing various pieces of critical software and seeing that everything seemed to be working smoothly... I've made the full leap on my main desktop machine (the one that now has 4GB of memory). Some interesting "facts":Windows Experience Index reports my processor running ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on May 24, 2007
  • It's 2:12am and I'm done with a new VS2005 Macro hack

    I need to run it through it's paces, but I now have a VS2005 macro that will, whenever I successfully build a release mode project, package the project folder into a zip file named [ProjectName]_src_v[OutputAssemblyFileVersion].zip.  And it doesn't require anything additional to be installed on the machine.  And it's not ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on March 2, 2007
  • Living in a Land of Obfuscation

    You know, I'm all for making some things available for free; but at the same time want to protect my “property” as much as possible.  With great tools such as Reflector being available; you really need to consider using obfuscation to at least make it a little more difficult to reverse engineer your code.  In addition, ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on May 8, 2006
  • Fort Worth .NET User Group Visual Studio 2005 / SQL Server 2005 INETA Sponsored Launch Event

    When: December 13th, 2005 Come to the event for you chance to win a free copy of DVDs containing both Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005!  There are *FIVE* of these to be given away, so you chance is pretty good... Who's presenting?  Good question... the answer is that Stephen Swienton (President FWDNUG and ASP.NET MVP) and Cory ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on December 2, 2005
  • It... is... aaaallllliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

    If you haven't heard the news, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (meaning Microsoft Visual Basic 2005) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has been officially released to manufacturing... which mean... If you are an MSDN Universal (or rather were... and now a Visual Studio 2005 of some edition plus MSDN Premium) subscriber, you can download it today!  ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on October 27, 2005
  • Documentation... Documentation... Documentation!

    Well, the MVP Summit calmed down at about 3:30pm today and, although I'm extremely tired, I have to say my Microsoft batteries are recharged.  But... I'm really hoping that Microsoft will work harder to improve the documentation for Visual Studio.  Obviously the product is very close to being released, so I don't expect it to improve ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on October 2, 2005
  • Refactoring to debut in VB 2005!

    Yes, you read that correctly!  VB 2005 will have full support for refactoring in the form of a community edition of Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005.  Refactoring tools include: Rename (Native to VB 2005, not a part of Refactor!.) Reorder Parameters Extract Method Extract Property Create Overload Surrounds With ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on April 21, 2005
  • Microsoft .NET 1.1 SP1, .NET 1.0 SP3, XP SP2 and potential problems.

    A few people have already mentioned .NET 1.1 SP1 (in addition to .NET 1.0 SP3) being available as of 8/30/2004... but since I've been a little busy, I didn't notice the availability until I updated all of my systems last week.  A couple of people of mentioned that SP1 has affected their ASP.NET applications while others have mentioned ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on September 21, 2004
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