Posts Yet another "user group" in Dallas/Fort Worth - Announcing "dnux"!

Yet another "user group" in Dallas/Fort Worth - Announcing "dnux"!

Announcing the Dallas/Fort Worth dnux group.  What is it?  .NET has been growing in size over the past 5+ years and, as such, it's hard to cover everything in a .NET user group meeting.  Some people may call what dnux is as a "sig"; however, although there are similarities between dnux and a sig, the subjects covered will be broad enough that it doesn't really fit (in my opinion) the idea of a sig.  Additionally, I'm purposefully trying to not use the words "user group" to describe dnux.  It's an "enthusiasts group".  I want to bring back the fire, the intensity, the energy and excitement in producing applications.  I still haven't answered exactly what dnux is...

The name itself is taken from combining the the words .NET User eXperience; however, we may be discussing technologies that compliment .NET as well so the name itself doesn't really dictate the focus either.  In the end, this group is all about the end user experience with a base focus on leveraging .NET as the core technology.  So I see what your thinking, this will just be a group that is similar to other .NET user groups but with presentations focused on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML, Media Center Markup Language (MCML), Silverlight, System.Drawing, Windows Forms, etc.  You'd be right, and yet, you'd be wrong.  dnux will focus on these technologies, sure; however, everything will be much more hands on and interactive.  Almost organic in nature.  The "presenter" will seed the conversations and the group as a whole will help dictate where that conversation goes.  Some topics will be basic (especially in the beginning) as everyone is learning the technologies.  As people become more proficient, things should get very interesting indeed.  I don't want to spoil the surprises just yet, so if your interested in finding out more details, just come to the meetings. ;-)

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