Posts Windows Forms: 5 Ways of Interaction Between Forms (New Article)

Windows Forms: 5 Ways of Interaction Between Forms (New Article)

I've just added a new article that was spawned by some of the responses to the Default Instances debate (just one of the ways I show in the article). 

Rather than keep saying how easy Default Instances will be, I thought that it would be good to show how we would accomplish similar tasks today without them.  Showing these methods in comparison with Default Instances, I figure, could be the best “argument“ for their usage.  So, if you can think of other ways of doing this, please feel free to contribute.  I've asked for examples of doing this on one of the forums in response to someone saying “how simple“ it was to do this task without Default Instances, yet their response was simply “it's just like using classes“.  So since they weren't up to the task, I did it myself. ;-)

Also, even if you aren't interested in VB's reintroduction of this feature (or use other languages such as C#), you might find the other four ways of accomplishing cross form interaction to be of interest. 

You can view the article here.

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