Posts Watch "Recorded TV" on non-Windows MCE machines...

Watch "Recorded TV" on non-Windows MCE machines...

Although an early version, this project is shaping up rather nicely.  Here's a few preliminary screen shots. 

The application allows you to point to a UNC based path and it will display the recorded shows in a similar manner to the actual Microsoft Windows XP Media Centered Edition software, but on a non-MCE based machine.  You can sort by date or title.  In title sorted mode, like shows (series) will be collapsed, just like MCE.  Selecting one of these from the list will bring up that listing and order the shows by their original air date.  Selecting a show from either list will show you the synopsis and allow you to either play or delete the show.  Selecting play will start playing the show in full screen mode.  While in full screen mode, there are keys defined that will skip forward/back similar to the skip buttons on the MCE remote.  Pressing ESC or Backspace will return you to the interface and the show will continue to play in the bottom left hand corner while you browse for another show.  You can click on the playing video to full screen it again.

There's a lot more I'm planning on doing with this application to extend it far beyond the features provided by the MCE “Recorded TV“ functionality, so stay tuned.

 If you are interested in using this product, please contact me for details.

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