Posts Stuff, stuff and more stuff....

Stuff, stuff and more stuff....

A lot of new stuff available today.  You have the next .NET Framework available.  I also see that the official announcement from Telligent regarding BlogMailr, a free tool that allows you to utilize email to post your blog entries.  Talking with Rob, this seems like a pretty cool idea... so jump over there and give it a look see.

So I was going to wait until this Saturday to announce some new things here... Obviously you can see I've made the switch to Community Server and, after shifting away from the suggested path of migration to where it is now, I've added some new goodies.  On the right, (as I already mentioned) you can now see my active Xbox Friends list and on the left amongst the various quick links is a new item.

Announcing the C#->VB 2005 Translator.  After using many of the others and being somewhat disappointed in the fact that they all seem to be stuck in 2002 I decided to put my name in the hat as yet another C# to VB conversion option.  It's in no way finished, still tons to do... but, it's far enough along that it might be useful.  The main reason for making it available is to get people to start utilizing it and, assuming problems are encountered, accept snippets of code so I can track down the issue to make it even better.

The next major item on the list to complete is supporting Generics... always more to do... it never seems to end.

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