Posts It... is... aaaallllliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

It... is... aaaallllliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

If you haven't heard the news, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (meaning Microsoft Visual Basic 2005) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has been officially released to manufacturing... which mean...

If you are an MSDN Universal (or rather were... and now a Visual Studio 2005 of some edition plus MSDN Premium) subscriber, you can download it today!  Yes, that means right at this very moment.  What are you still reading this for... go to  You still here... <slap>... go there and start downloading.  Let's bring the MSDN download server to it's knees. <EVIL LAUGHTER ENSUES>

Oh yeah, if you were an MSDN Universal subscriber and ignored the email about selecting one of the Team System edition products... your loss and don't be complaining about how all you see is the trial version of Team System.  Start downloading Professional and go digging through your email to correct the issues. ;-)

Thanks to everyone at Microsoft on the product development teams for a job well done and to Mr. Somasegar for leading the teams and getting this thing shipped.


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