Posts GW-BASIC 0.1.4

GW-BASIC 0.1.4

I've made a few enhancements to the interpreter..

  • There is now a branding/navigation bar across the top.  This provides the ability to visit this website and access to additional functionality.
  • The files button (in the navigation bar) provides for a more modern UI over the 1980's era GW-BASIC commands FILES, CHDIR, RMDIR, LOAD, RUN and KILL.  Folders are in bold where files are normal.  The .. (period period) entry provides a means to easily CHDIR up one level.  This is essentially a direct port of the work I'm doing for the Window Phone version.
  • CTRL+V and CTRL+X in direct mode will interact with the OS clipboard for copy/paste support.  CTRL+V (paste) will pipe whatever is in the clipboard into the interactive interpreter; in other words, it will emulate typing in the characters into direct mode of the interpreter.  CTRL+X (transfer to clipboard) will take the in memory source code and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Thanks to feedback, someone has provided me with several key codes that are used on OSX; so I think I'm getting a lot closer to having the keybindings working correctly on Macintosh machines.
  • The SYSTEM keyword has been modified so that it will PRINT various environment information so that globalization and localization can be handled going forward.
  • On systems that have different keyboard scan codes, the interpreter will print acknowledge this key being pressed with the associated key code.  This is used to assist in creating the appropriate keybindings; so keep sending in the feedback.
  • Adam Zuckerman pointed out issues with RENUM and LINE INPUT.  LINE INPUT has been resolved and the RENUM one is "sort of" resolved.  It "works", however, I'd like to spend more time on this in the future.  He also brought up the copy/paste idea; which I thought about previously but set aside since it wasn't within scope.  However, he sent in several code snippets via email and lack of having the ability to copy from email and paste into the interpreter was a right royal pain... so problem had to be solved. ;-)

Additionally, several people pointed out that couldn't find where to join this site; as it turns out, it was turned off.  Doh!  This has been corrected and you can join by using the link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Thanks to the amazing number of emails; please keep the feedback going.  It's amazing how many people have had positive things to say.

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