Posts DevDays 2004... Inspirational?

DevDays 2004... Inspirational?

Well, I have to think that going to DevDays 2004 yesterday and seeing a couple of different ways to approach everyday development problems kicked some creative synapses into gear.  While at work today, some random ideas came to mind related to the login (more specifically, logout) problem I'm having with XBOX Live signing you out at random intervals with the XBOX Friends Thing.  After browsing through the MSDN documentation and some googling, I found some clues that might be an answer to the problem.  After getting home and therefore able to open up the project, it was time to experiment with this new found knowledge.  Problem solved!  Look for a new version to come after some dogfooding on my part :-D

All this from just seeing the opening and closing Keynote sessions and a Windows Forms session.  Imagine what would have happened if I were able to attend all of the sessions... time to insert that DevDays 2004 disc and start watching the presentations! ;-)

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