Posts Checkers Solitaire... Wanna give it a go?

Checkers Solitaire... Wanna give it a go?

Here's a screen shot of the game:

You can read more info and download the preliminary version by reading the Checkers Solitaire article.

[update] I just uploaded 0.1.7.  It adds the ability to save (and load) the game play history.  Sooooo... The first person that can send me a history file that shows the gameplay getting to 1 piece left (with the default 8x8x2 game), I'll happily annouce it to the world (at least the readers of this site).  Do you have what it takes? If you think you do; let the challenge begin.  Even if you can get it down to less than 4, I'll be happy to mention your name as well.

[update] Well as of April 9, 2005, no one has seem to gotten below 4; however, I have heard through the grapevine that someone did at least get to 4.  Erik Porter posted a comment “declar[ing] the game impossible” and the “least amount of pieces you can get down to is 8”.  What's funny is his own cousin proved him wrong.  First getting down to 6 and then down to 4.  In the comments on Erik's site, you can find links to download the histories.

Please don't paste them into the comments ;-)... send them to me privately.  I'll verify them and, once they are verified, I'll make them available along with your name being attached.

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