Posts Busy, busy, busy!

Busy, busy, busy!

Let me please take a quick moment to update everyone on some projects that I've been working on:

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

Well, on that is. I'm currently streaming two different projects on Rogue Tuesday where we will be cloning the Rogue game from the 1980's and BASIC where I'm following along with Immo Landwerth's "Build a Compiler" (C#) series to write a BASIC compiler for .NET Core from scratch. These are being done as "live-coding" stream sessions.


Would you like to converse with other developers that use VB? Come join us over on gitter.

I'm a huge fan of BASIC in general. I've recently been doing some research on the history of BASIC and during this process found many projects/products that are currently available that could make our existing VB knowledge much more useful/capable. So I've created a GitHub repo (and GitHub pages) site that exists to house not only VB, but all things related to BASIC. Eventually I'd like to have a "central" site (or hub) for all things BASIC. For now the site is simply a place to collect content (links) and grow it time.

I noticed that this GW-BASIC website had been shut down so I followed up with the original author. After a short discussion, he was kind enough to donate the domain name to me and I've since rescued some of the content from "The Way Back Machine" to setup a new site that is hosted via GitHub pages.

I encourage everyone to check these out... I welcome you to come join me (contribute to) in any (or all) of these projects!

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