Posts Action Movie Night - July 21st

Action Movie Night - July 21st

It's time again for Action Movie Night!

This is just a quick reminder regarding the Action Movie Night taking place Saturday evening, July 21, 2007, starting at 6:00pm located at my house so space is limited to those that RSVP.  The movies being shown are:


Yes, "Once upon a time in China" was slated for last movie night; however, we ended up watching Serenity (HD) and the first episode of Firefly.  And since Shooter bumped The Matrix (HD), this is sort of a make up event. ;-)

In addition to the movies, I’ll also be firing up the grill for a grillin’ session.  This will start around 4:30pm and everyone is invited to bring their own slab of meat and try their hand.  (It’s a guys night, so no one is going to do the cookin’ for ya… besides… didn’t I mention that it’s a guys night… we are all supposed to love to grill, right?)  Some side dishes will be prepared to go along with your charred masterpieces.

Due to the nature of the movies being shown (and potentially being shown in the future), this event is limited to guys who are 18 or older.  (It's a guys event... so leave the wives and/or girlfriends at the homestead.)

If you'd like to attend, please let me know (via email, Live Messenger or, if you have my number, give me a call) and I'll get you further details. (Oh yeah, and now that commenting is active again, you could just leave a comment here.)

[update] - Fixed the date in the description. ;-)

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