Posts A shameless plug and I get something for free?

A shameless plug and I get something for free?

Mike Schinkel of Xtras.Net decided “what the heck” and is giving away free memberships to Xtra.Net Developer Network (XDN) Professional ($99 value) during the month of May.  The only catch is I have to put this shameless plug on my site about it and point you (if your a serious .NET blogger as well) to read how to do the same ;-)

What is XDN Professional?

XDN is for those serious about their .NET development. XDN is for influencers; global, national, regional, local, or within one company. XDN is for developers who evaluate a lot of tools and methodologies, and then share their experiences with other .NET developers. XDN is for .NET developers who think, not for the 9-to-5er. Is XDN for you?

Hmmm... actually this is a great idea.  He gets it in the hands of a lot of developers so they can try it out for themeselves... since they are bloggers, most likely they'll say something about it.   Not to mention, what a way to getting his google rating to the top ;-)

Sign me up!

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