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Why aren't there any decent audio libraries for .NET? Don't get me wrong, it's nice that the framework supports some audio features in a very simple way if you want to just play something. However, if you need access to the audio data to manipulate

San Diego ASP.NET SIG - May 19th, 6pm

I'll be at the San Diego ASP.NET SIG on May 19th doing my LINQ in the Real World discussion. For anyone that has been at my previous "presentations", you'll know that I prefer to have more of a discussion surrounding the topic than a

Fort Worth .NET Users Group - January 20th

If you're in the area, don't miss my presentation: What's New in .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1. Additionally, I've decided to extend Microsoft's extreme generosity by giving away a copy of MSDN Premium **WITH** Microsoft Visual Studio Team

Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 2

After running Vista x64 on another machine for a few days; installing various pieces of critical software and seeing that everything seemed to be working smoothly... I've made the full leap on my main desktop machine (the one that now has 4GB of memory).

Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 1

I installed Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) last night and everything went pretty smoothly. This, of course, is on the second machine I have on my desk so I can see what works (and doesn't) before making the full jump on the main machine. Out Of The

How NOT to do single assembly deployment.

I applaud this guys enthusiasm, however, his discovery/technique is something I would strongly urge you to avoid. There are two major reasons for this: Doesn't work as a "regular user". Will cause you MAJOR support issues as Windows Vista

Comparing Apples To Apples (Revisited)

Like I stated, don't trust someone elses benchmarks. ;-) Don't get me wrong, in my testing, VB still seems to be a hair faster; but now only by a very slim margin (less than 400ms across all tests). Please keep in mind that I did not come up with
Posted by CorySmith | 6 Comments
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Comparing Apples To Apples (The Myth Of Benchmarks)

I so love benchmarks. There supposed to give us an idea, albiet rough sometimes, about the differences in choosing one thing over another. By looking at the comparitive numbers, we should be able to make an intelligent decision regarding raw performance.
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments
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Stuff, stuff and more stuff....

A lot of new stuff available today. You have the next .NET Framework available . I also see that the official announcement from Telligent regarding BlogMailr , a free tool that allows you to utilize email to post your blog entries. Talking with Rob, this
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments
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C# to VB Conversion/Translation

(OK, since I lost this post due to other circumstances... here it goes again. - Here's your chance to answer it again.) I can't remember exactly what my questions were, so here goes... Have you used any of the C# to VB conversion utilities available
Posted by CorySmith | 2 Comments
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Creating Smart Application Layouts with Windows Forms 2.0

According to Brad Abrams , the Windows Forms documentation team published a new whitepaper about how to create a great layout using the new features of the WinForms in .NET 2.0... meaning you don't have to create the same old “grey” applications
Posted by CorySmith | 3 Comments
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Inheritance vs. Partial (VB vs. C#)

In my previous post regarding trying to use partial as a mechanism to extend existing functionality in a base user control, someone asked: “Does VB work differently or are you just assuming? Using the same namespace across 2 different assemblies
Posted by CorySmith | 3 Comments

Shooting down more Anti-VB'isms...

This guy states : “I just can't LIVE without being able to do things like:“ string oink = myHashTable[someKey] as string ; if (oink != null ) “Or“ lock ( this ) { // yada yada yada } Hmmm... let's see. He states that VB can't do
Posted by CorySmith | 0 Comments
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(Rebuttal) Reason #458 Why Visual Basic.NET Sucks

I can't help it... this crap is so wrong that it *MUST* be discussed. It's been picked up my many people in the blogsphere and used as “reference“ material in forums. It's wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! You'd think after almost 5 months of being
Posted by CorySmith | 17 Comments
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"VB and C#"

A couple of weeks ago, I started consciously paying attention to people in Microsoft presentations mention the various languages of .NET. I noticed a couple of things: C++ is extremely rare in being mentioned. J# is usually mentioned in jest... but still
Posted by CorySmith | 7 Comments
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