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Why aren't there any decent audio libraries for .NET? Don't get me wrong, it's nice that the framework supports some audio features in a very simple way if you want to just play something. However, if you need access to the audio data to manipulate

Yet another "user group" in Dallas/Fort Worth - Announcing "dnux"!

Announcing the Dallas/Fort Worth dnux group. What is it? .NET has been growing in size over the past 5+ years and, as such, it's hard to cover everything in a .NET user group meeting. Some people may call what dnux is as a "sig"; however,

Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 3

I've been running Vista x64 for about a month now. So far it's been a pretty painless experience. Here are a few updates: Software Compatibility I continue to be amazed by the amount of software that continues to be compatible with x64. Counter Strike
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Interesting survey results...

Although not a totally unbiased survey, this survey does present some interesting numbers. With over 800,000 machines being polled (yes, machines... not people), you can see that most of them have a single processor, half and half are running Intel and
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Coding 4 Fun Drum Machine (in VB.NET)

The Coding 4 Fun - Building a Drum Machine with DirectSound article that Duncan Mackenzie brought to my attention looked pretty interesting, however, it doesn't have a VB.NET version. Although the C# version runs well enough and you can use it as a resource
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Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004

I've joined a couple of other folks in the attempt to rebuild their machines with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004. I was resisting the move, but since Office 2003 has been released it gave me two reasons to rebuild my machine. To add even more incentive,

More on DirectShow/MPEG2 Troubles

If I do the following (psuedocode): mediaControl.Pause mediaControl.GetState(50, state) mediaSeeking.SetPositions(position, AbsolutePositioning, null, NoPositioning) mediaControl.Run I get the first frame of video showing and the playback is a noticable
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DirectShow and MPEG2 Video

Partially an entry... partially a plee! I've been working on getting MPEG2 video files to play as one would expect using VB.NET. The files play correctly, however, when using the mediaseek functionality and frames as the counter type, frame accuracy goes
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