What would you do for a Visual Studio 2005 (Team System Suite) and MSDN license?

What would you do to get your hands on a fully licensed copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005? I got the little metal cards a while back and still have one that I can give to anyone I wish. If I’m not mistaken, I pretty sure it’s a license to a single developer seat for the Visual Studio Team System and a subscription to MSDN Enterprise (I could be wrong… so don’t sue me if I am, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct on this. ;-) ).

So here’s the deal. I still have one of these to give away. What would you do to get one? I’m going to allow time for people to blog their entries (just be sure to make sure a track back is visible here - or you could leave a comment with the entry location - in other words, I need to see a link in the comments area for your entry to be considered). If you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave a comment - or better yet - go get you a blog and get with the program already!. I’ll choose the best one two weeks from now (yes, Thanksgiving - 11/23/2006 12:00:00 Central Time). So the better you can make the offer sound, the more desperate you present your story, the more likely you have a chance to win! Make me laugh, make me cry, don’t really care. Just try to make your story as memorable as you possibly can so you stick out in my mind as I try to consider who will receive this thing.

With that said, be creative and let the groveling begin!

UPDATE: It doesn’t have to be serious, the more outlandish the better! As for what will be given away, it’s a metal card that contains a special code that can be activated at This card must be activated by 12/31/2006. I’ll send you the code via email and mail (if you wish) the actual card. Since this is a time sensitive thing, be sure to not wait too long to activate it!

UPDATE: While I was at the Twin Cites Code Camp, Rockford Lotka gave away one of these. He assured me these are indeed cards to get you your very own copy of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite with MSDN Premium Subscription! Individually purchased from Microsoft, the retail price is $10,939.00. Yes, that’s almost ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! So what are you waiting for? You going to essentially let 11 grand slip through your fingers? Put your creative hat on and blog something already… (Also, there technically is no limit on the number of “entries”… so if you have more than one idea… go for it. Be creative and use text, pictures, drawings, diagrams, code, video, whatever! The entries do not have to be serious… the more outlandish, the better!)

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