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February 2006 - Posts

Inheritance vs. Partial (VB vs. C#)

In my previous post regarding trying to use partial as a mechanism to extend existing functionality in a base user control, someone asked: “Does VB work differently or are you just assuming? Using the same namespace across 2 different assemblies
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VB'ified (Definition Of...)

I've used this term previously and some people have asked “What exactly does VB'ified mean“? VB'ified is a term I use to describe code that has been modified to “feel” like VB. This may sound simplistic at first glance; however,
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DiamondDash - Boulderdash Clone in VB 2005 (Revised, yet again)

As Lutz Roeder describes it, a “.NET version of an old East German Boulderdash game”. Using the source that he put together to build from, this version is initially a port to Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 and contains new graphics done by yours
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Inheritance vs. Partial

Someone at a presentation I presented at recently asked, "Instead of inheriting from a base control (TextBox), couldn't you just create a partial class and add the additional functionality?" It's an interesting idea; however, there are several problems
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Watch "Recorded TV" on non-Windows MCE machines...

Although an early version, this project is shaping up rather nicely. Here's a few preliminary screen shots. The application allows you to point to a UNC based path and it will display the recorded shows in a similar manner to the actual Microsoft Windows
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Oklahoma City Users Group Presentation - 2/6/2006

I'll be presenting at the Oklahoma City users group meetings tomorrow discussing creating feature rich custom controls (from both the UI and developer viewpoints) including System.Drawing, Generics, SmartTags and the joys of Late Binding. If your in the
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