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January 2005 - Posts

Better late than never... My 'recent' FWDNUG presentation.

I've been meaning to get the powerpoint and code for the Fort Worth .NET Users Group presentation I did last month up for download. Just bear in mind that I use the slides as a reminder to myself, so on their own they may offer some clues but don't represent
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Launch a program using different logon credentials using VB and CreateProcessWithLogon

A friend of mine (who doesn't have a blog) that works in a SysAdmin role needed to see an example of using CreateProcessWithLogin using VB. He chanced upon an example showing how to do this using C#. Since he's not versed in multiple languages, it was
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Saving these links so I can refer back to them in my "Mono" discussion...

Via the Interoperability Webcast Series site , I noticed the following scheduled webcasts (under the 'Other Java/Unix' tab): MSDN Webcast: Mono: Interoperating with Linux the Easy Way (Level 200) 02/08/2005 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST How do you go about retrieving
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What is Microsoft's stance on Mono? (and... The Future of .NET)

Someone asked tonight a question along the lines of “What is Microsoft's stance on Mono?“. Although I can't answer that question definitively, I can offer to share my opinion. So, for what it's worth, I'm going to share some of my thoughts.
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"Where you been?"

Several people have sent me emails or instant messaged me asking where I've been. Without going into the details, the company that I'm working for was sold late last October and many, many, many changes have already taken place with many, many, many more
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Hmmm... my name is mentioned on the Mono site ;-)

Paco mentions that he will be presenting at the Fort Worth .NET Users Group meeting next Tuesday and thanks Stephen and myself for the opportunity on Mono's Monologue blog .
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Mono and The Fort Worth .NET Users Group

Late last year, Paco, Stephen and myself talked about having Paco come in and do a presentation to the Fort Worth .NET Users Group related along the lines of “Mono for the Microsoft .NET Developer”. Although I'm not a fan of Linux, I find
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