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September 2003 - Posts

More on DirectShow/MPEG2 Troubles

If I do the following (psuedocode): mediaControl.Pause mediaControl.GetState(50, state) mediaSeeking.SetPositions(position, AbsolutePositioning, null, NoPositioning) mediaControl.Run I get the first frame of video showing and the playback is a noticable
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Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) aka 'Palladium'

After being IM'd about the world coming to an end as we know it and Microsoft being big-brother ruling the world. According to rumors, Palladium will allow Microsoft to come into your machine and delete un-approved software. They would have complete control
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DirectShow and MPEG2 Video

Partially an entry... partially a plee! I've been working on getting MPEG2 video files to play as one would expect using VB.NET. The files play correctly, however, when using the mediaseek functionality and frames as the counter type, frame accuracy goes
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Windows Update Wierdness

I've been having some difficulties with Windows Update not working properly on machines in completely different locations and service providers. After a lot of research I found no real results from these search for the specific problem I was encountering.
Posted by CorySmith | 5 Comments